{An eye opening awe inspiring Description of the Muhadditheen {Scholars of the Prophetic Tradition

{An eye opening awe inspiring Description of the Muhadditheen {Scholars of the Prophetic Tradition}

Al-Imam Ar-Ramahurmuzi narrates through his sanad to the muhaddith [Mansour ibn ‘Ammar]
(d. about 200 AH) who said whilst describing the people of Quran and scholars of Hadith in a gathering :

((Alhamdulillah Al-Mannan, the prevailer of Islam over all religions, the Protector of the Quran from increase and decrease, Its Preventer from the schemes of the devil, and the distortion of the people of deviation and disbelief… he spoke lengthy words about the Quran, he then said:

He (ta’ala) entrusted to the traditions that explain the Qur’an, and the firmly established sunan, an elect band, He assisted them in acquiring and recording it, and empowered them to care for it and guard it, and made dear to them reading it and studying it, and eased for them perseverance and fatigue, settling and travelling, exerting their self and wealth, and undertaking dreadful horrors.

They travel from country to country, marching for knowledge through every valley, dishevelled hair , worn out clothes, empty bellies, faded lips, pale complexions, skinny bodies, they have one concern, they have accepted knowledge as a guide and pioneer, neither hunger nor thirst cuts them from it, neither summer nor winter make them bored of it.

They discriminate between narrations: the healthy from the sick, the strong from the weak, with resolute minds, piercing insights, and hearts that are alert to the truth, so that Hadith was secured from the disguise of the disguisers, and inventions of the heretics, and the fabrications of the liars.

If only you had seen them during their nights,- they stand erect to transcribe what they heard, and correct what they collected, all the while deserting the soft mattress, and delicate bedding, drowsiness befalls them and so puts them to sleep, their pens fall from their palms, so they are awakened in a state of panic, hard work has pained their backs, and wakefulness has caused their minds to wander, they stretch to give their bodies some rest, and switch from their ‘beds’ from place to place attempting to evade sleep, and with their hands they rub their eyes, they then return to writing out of desire for it, and inclination of their passion toward it,- you would know that they are the guards of Islam and safe keepers of The Omniscient King.

And so when they attain some of that which they wished for, they depart bound for their homes.There they cling to the mosques, and maintain the assemblies, clothed in the dress of submission, peaceful and unimpaired, they walk on the Earth modestly, do not harm any neighbor, or engage in any shameful act. Until a deviant deviates , or a defector strays from the Din, then they come out, emerging like lions from their dens , fighting for the landmarks of Islam… He continues to describe with lengthy words . ))

( Safahaat min Sabr al-Ulama )